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VPN Services For Your XBox

VPN services offer privacy protection, help against geo-blocking and can protect against DDoS attacks. The market is confusing – we provide an overview of the most important suppliers and their services.

Most Internet users in Germany currently still do without VPN (Virtual Private Network) or only occasionally rely on this option. One reason for this could be that VPN is unknown territory for many. There are good reasons for their use. We explain the technology behind VPN, provides a market overview for XBox user. They range from better protection of privacy to the possibility of bypassing IP blocks to the defense against distributed DoS attacks.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network is an encrypted connection tunnel between two networks or parts of a network. Any data traffic through this tunnel is not visible to third parties and cannot be tracked or read. A distinction must be made between a direct VPN connection between two computers or networks for purposes such as remote maintenance and the use of a VPN service for Internet use. We are concentrating here on the second aspect. This article explains how to set up a VPN connection to the office with Open VPN.

Via VPN to the Internet

The use of a VPN service requires an existing Internet connection, so it does not replace the access provider. This applies both at home (fixed network) and on the move (mobile radio), as well as when using external WLAN hotspots. If the installed VPN software of the provider is started with an existing online connection, it sets up an encrypted tunnel to a server (also VPN gateway) somewhere on the Internet. Usually you can choose where that should be. Only its IP address (and not that of your router or mobile device) is visible to online services such as web servers, search engines, social networks or streaming services. Any tracking of usage behavior by an online service based on the IP address ends at the VPN gateway, which is used by many people.

Why VPN?

For many Internet users, especially in countries with restrictive regimes, protection against state scouts is very important. They use a virtual tunnel to a third country to access websites that are blocked or prohibited in their country. Dissidents and foreign journalists can thus gain access to uncensored information or post their own content on the Internet. Of course you can unblock the content not only on your Xbox, it works well on your Wii too. Check the website here to find out more.

Related to this is access to content that is restricted to a specific region by what is known as geo-blocking. If a web server determines from your IP address that you are not in that region, it denies access to certain content. This could be the media library of a television station, for example. The VPN service offers you the possibility to connect to a gateway in the desired region, so that you seem to use an IP address from this country and thus receive unrestricted access. This way you can also watch the latest crime scene on your South America vacation or see a new series season at home that Netflix has only offered in the USA so far.

Online gamers are sometimes confronted with the problem of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks by troublemakers. If successful, the entire Internet access to the household is paralysed. With a VPN service you direct the attacks to the VPN gateway. Its operator has better possibilities to protect its servers in order to fend off attacks or simply to endure them. Trouble with the flatmates can be avoided in such a way.

  • Public WLAN hotspots, including those in hotels, generally offer too little protection against spying attempts by other users to transport confidential data, for example in online banking.
  • Even if the data traffic with the bank runs over HTTPS, i.e. is encrypted, attacks are possible.
  • With a VPN service, you first set up a tunnel to a server in Germany and connect to your bank’s website.

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